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Why is having a SEO audit done on your website important for you or your business?

Top-Notch SEO Audit Services for SMEs

We undertake SEO audits for our clients to make a thorough assessment of the elements of a site that are working for SEO and those which are not.

In the current digital landscape, search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies are more important than ever before. It can be a battle to get your WordPress website onto the first page of a Google search results page, for example, let alone on the top half of a page. When so many larger corporations have large SEO digital marketing budgets at their disposal, it can seem almost impossible to improve your site’s seo ranking and to get it the attention it deserves.

However, with our SEO audit services, we can work out for you where you will be best advised to make changes to your site. Remember that although keyword searches are very important when it comes to the likes of Bing and Google, there are other ways to optimise your site. For example, perhaps you have internal links that are no longer working, old information that is no longer relevant or have backlinks to your site from a disreputable site. All of these things – which would be unearthed during a full SEO audits – can mean an otherwise strong website is currently performing poorly.

Technical SEO Audit for Small Businesses

There again, features that are not mobile friendly or that lead to slow page loading times will tend to be a drag on a WordPress website, something that can occur simply from using standard templates that have been tweaked a little. So, to be clear, our SEO audits are professionally managed from the perspective of what goes into good website design and content management, the very services we provide to our clients all the time. In short, you could not turn to a better company for SEO audit services without breaking the bank than Tori Digital.

WordPress SEO Audits That Are Effective

At Tori Digital, our SEO audit team will look into every aspect of your website and examine the traffic you currently achieve from every angle. Perhaps you have a landing page that performs better than others and its success can be replicated? Maybe there is an element of your site that means visitors leave soon after seeing it? There again, it could be that some pages have coding errors on them that prevent search engine bots from reading them properly. Or in some cases have broken links on them leading to 404 errors otherwise known as broken pages.

Our expertise means we can assess all of these factors as a part of our SEO audit. We won’t just present you with a report about the current state of your WordPress site, however. We’ll also recommend fixes and strategies to improve its SEO performance. Below is a list of some of the key aspects of what we look out for when doing our on page seo audit:

  • Toxic Links – Identify toxic links in google search console
  • Title tag optimisation – Using keyword research tools to optimise for the correct title tags
  • Duplicate content check
  • Find broken pages & broken links
  • Internal linking structure
  • Index pages – Making sure certain pages are being picked up in Google’s index
  • Site speed optimisation

Why Turn to Tori Digital for an SEO Audit?

Thanks to the technical know-how in SEO, web design, website security, e-Commerce and hosting we have in-house, we can conduct SEO audits quickly and effectively. Whether you have a one page or a multi-page site, we will do a professional job of auditing it and coming up with solutions that will make a difference. WhatsApp, call, email or text us right now to find out more.

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