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Why is having a mobile optimised website important for you or your business?

Search Engine Optimisation for Mobile Friendly AMP

Given that three-quarters of internet users never go past the first page of results they see on their screen following a web search, search engine optimisation is crucial, especially when it comes to mobile devices. At Tori Digital, our WordPress mobile SEO services are ideal for SMEs and other sorts of organisations that want to ensure what they are publishing online is suited to mobile traffic. If not, then it doesn’t just make your website harder to read on a tablet or a smartphone but it tends to make your site less visible to search engines, too.

The likes of Google and Bing rate and rank websites based on numerous factors including clear content, reliable links, keywords and mobile-friendliness. Given that around half of web searches today are made from a mobile device, either with a voice command or from the user typing in what they’re looking for, running a site that isn’t mobile-friendly means performance will necessarily drop.

Results-Driven Mobile SEO Services

With Tori Digital’s expertise backing you, your website will start to perform better in terms of mobile SEO through faster loading times, publishing more mobile-friendly content and by fixing faulty or outdated links.

Of course, combining our mobile SEO services with our local SEO services is something that will make sense if your strategy is to attract more passing custom from searches on mobile devices. This is a good idea if you want to make the most of a service like ‘Google My Business’, for instance. However, mobile SEO is much more than simply capturing localised searches on mobile devices. Given how much growth there is likely to be in mobile searches in the coming years, any SEO strategy really needs to focus on mobile devices these days.

Improve Your Firm's Web Presence With Our Mobile SEO Service for WordPress

At Tori Digital, we take an approach to mobile SEO that focusses on responsive web design. This might mean altering a few aspects of your current WordPress layout but it can pay dividends. Responsive web design essentially means being able to share content more easily on different platforms. For example, this is useful for linking to blogs and product pages on your social media feeds regardless of which sort of device the link will be viewed on.

We also deal with formatting issues that can cause problems with mobile SEO that are invisible to the naked eye but which can make it harder for search engine bots to crawl through your site. Bear in mind that mobile-friendly responsive web design methods are recommended by Google these days. If you’re not making the most of it, then we can help to put your mobile SEO strategy back on track.

Find Out More About Our Mobile SEO Services

By making your site lightning fast when loading on any device, our mobile SEO services help with traditional searches on desktop computers as well as mobile gadgets. Whether you need a site map or help optimising a one page website, we can chat about your mobile SEO options. Call, text, email or ping us on WhatsApp right now.

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It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website


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