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Marketing services for the retail industry

Expert Online Marketing Services for the Retail Industry

At Tori Digital, we know exactly what retailers need to improve their presence on the internet. Whether you require graphic design services to make your digital visual marketing match your shop’s livery, would like professional assistance with retail marketing & branding or simply want to add an e-commerce option on your website, we can help. With plenty of experience dealing with operators in the retail sector in the UK, our WordPress digital marketing expertise makes us the ideal partner for any retailer, including established high street names and boutique operators who are maybe just starting out.

Whether you want a single-page website that simply gives out information regarding your location, opening hours and the sorts of goods that you have on offer or would like something more substantial, we will have a package to suit. Indeed, we offer online marketing services for retailers that grow as their businesses do. In short, you can add landing pages for certain product groups of sales promotions as and when you need them. Equally, all of our online activities can be carried out to target specific customer profiles or local areas depending on the nature of your retail business.

Expert Marketing Solutions for the Retail Sector

Please note that over half of all web searches are now conducted from mobile devices. As such, we will make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. Not only will this mean that visitors will find the site easier to gain information from – and, therefore, more likely to buy goods from you – but it will also mean improving your search engine optimisation (SEO). The likes of Google rank retail websites according to many criteria, including how fast they load on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. By building this sort of functionality into the very fabric of your shop’s website, we will help to ensure you gain visibility online and start to outperform competitors.

WordPress Digital Marketing for Retail Industry

As experts in WordPress website management, we can build entirely new sites for retailers. However, you may already have a website that you like but merely want to develop more business from it. If so, our SEO auditing service would be a good move because it will mean working out which factors are causing a drag on performance, such as links to non-existent pages, for example. 

Equally, our WordPress expertise can be used to add interesting blogs that your customers – and search engines – will want to read, something that will help to get your site higher on search engine results pages. There again, you might simply want to enjoy better hosting and support services. Many retailers have sites that are down some of the time or that need fixing. By turning to Tori Digital, you will be able to relax and focus on in-store sales while your web presence is managed and maintained by us.

E-Commerce Solutions for the Retail Sector

If you’d like to find out more about our retail industry expertise in digital marketing or would prefer to ask us about creating an online store using a WordPress-compatible e-commerce platform, we are ready to hear from you. For a tailored solution that will suit your commercial priorities, WhatsApp, phone, email or text us today.

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