Project 1 – Trial and Error

Creator: Stiggy
File Format: PNG
Size: 5000 x 5000px
Quantity: 10 of 1/1

This experiment with digital art has come from the utter fasciation and love for generative art and the beauty of what random can create. I have decided to do an experiment to use components of art that I have made and have those components randomly picked out and merged together to form 10 unique pieces.

1. Shapes

I started off with making a series of shapes and bringing them to life with layers and giving them the illusion of being 3D. I really enjoy making these minimal, abstract shapes and how maths plays a part in the creation of them.

2. Colours

Next I spent quite some time going through all the colours out there and narrowed down the background colours I was going to use. The final selection were beautiful, happy, pastel colours that would work harmoniously together.

3. Texture Circle

Step 3 was to produce a set of manipulated texture circles. I tested different effects and made a variety of textures to add an interesting feature to the final results.

4. Other Design Elements

After gathering the main features, I added more design elements such as:
adding noise to the background, border shape, border colour and width.

5. Element Generator

After deciding each component I wanted to leave the end results to fait, I used JavaScript to elect each element for me. I called it my 'Element Generator'.
The Element Generator works by picking out each part at random when the webpage is refreshed.

  • Shape:
  • Noise:
  • Border:
  • Border Colour:
  • Border Width:
  • Texture Circle:
  • Background Colour:

Final Results

After letting code decide the components I brought them all together and these were the results.
I feel all the elements go well together and came out looking abstract and minimal which is exactly what I wanted from this project.